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Why should you buy local

This is especially important in the UK because despite the fact we can grow all our food (except particular exotics) most consumers purchase without really knowing in which geographical country it is grown. 

They then exclude the rural area of the home country from any financial benefit.
By encouraging the consumer to buy local it give the growers and their families a sustainable future and helps the rural economy and the environment.

By purchasing from local growers you support the local economy and help improve the environment by cutting down on food miles.
You help to secure a sustainable future for local businesses.
These may be the grower of the produce, the enterprise that uses the produce or the restaurant that uses that produce in their menu. You are, therefore, a fairtrade customer supporting the Welsh economy.


Fruit, vegetable and salad crops are fresher, tastier and more nutritious if bought locally because they are harvested when they are ripe and ready to eat.

Less common varieties are sometimes grown. 
These reflect local conditions, historical tradition and the individual preference of the grower and are often well worth trying.

If you buy a locally grown wood or similar product from a Grown in Scotland member or a product from an enterprise member all these definintions apply.
Remember, however, that sometimes a particular product cannot be grown within the definition “local” due to a number of reasons so this is no reason to shun a product.
The label is an indication of where the product is grown and by scanning the QR code further information is available. If there is a local demand for an item someone locally will see an opportunity and meet that demand.

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